PHOENIX is a leading provider of MSR valuations and financial reporting services to a wide array of firms, including independent mortgage banks, banks, Federal Home Loan Banks, various agencies, warehouse lenders, investors, REITs, investment funds, private debt funds, private equity funds, investment research analysts, and other stakeholders. Utilizing market discovery from our PHOENIX trade desk, coupled with industry recognized models and our experienced team of analysts, we offer a customized approach to MSR analytics.

Our Customized Approach

MSR Valuation

  • MSR fair value, economic value &/or expected trade price
  • Interest rate sensitivities highlighting key risk metrics
  • Detailed cash flow reporting
  • Customized reporting
  • Interactive C-Suite suitable graphs and visualizations, including historical trends
  • Secure and client-specific portal for proprietary access to reports and insights
  • Expert, informed, and market-savvy explanation and support for all reports

Real-Time Customized SRP Grids: PHOENIX’s MSRP

  • Leverages individual loan characteristics for robust MSR valuation
  • Customizable assumptions provide unparalleled precision, adapting to the dynamic MSR pricing landscape

MSR Accounting Services

  • MSR accounting outsourcing (fair value or LOCOM)
  • Valuation attribution reporting
  • Audit & regulatory support
  • Bulk sale tax valuations

Secondary Marketing Services

  • Market or economic best execution
  • Real-time pipeline MSR valuations
  • Capital markets consulting

MSR Acquisition Analysis Services

  • Buyer representation support
  • Market-based scenario analyses
  • Economic-based scenario analysis

Our Track Record


in MSR’s Valued
in 2023




of top 25 banks and Servicers receive MSR valuations from PHOENIX

PHOENIX’s MSR Pricing Service (MSRP)

For secondary marketing activities, where precision and flexibility are paramount, PHOENIX introduces MSR Pricing Service (MSRP) as the next evolution in MSR valuation. Traditionally, lenders have relied on grid-based products for activities like rate sheet pricing, pipeline mark-to-market, best execution decisions, retain vs. release decisions, and balance sheet capitalization. MSRP takes this valuation process to the next level by pricing MSR based on individual loan characteristics.

Our innovative approach involves running loans through the same discounted cash flow models used in traditional MSR valuation, ensuring a robust foundation. What sets MSRP apart is its customization capability—allowing for tailored assumptions underlying the model. This flexibility offers unparalleled precision and adaptability, essential for the dynamic landscape of MSR pricing.

Utilizing loan-level MSR pricing provides a multitude of advantages over grid-based solutions, particularly in terms of precision and flexibility. MSRP takes into account the interrelation of individual loan characteristics, a depth of analysis that cannot easily be captured with a traditional grid-based approach.

Experience the future of MSR valuation with MSRP, where every loan is meticulously considered, offering a new level of precision and customization for our valued clients.


PHOENIX has maintained SOC 2 compliance for both MSRs and whole loans since 2017. Additionally, we have been SOC 1 compliant for MSRs since 2018, and we continue to uphold these statuses. This allows all parties involved to minimize the level of risk associated with data transfer without compromising data or analytic robustness.

Experience the PHOENIX Difference

Our ongoing quest to provide unmatched trading, mortgage services and analytics to the mortgage industry fuels our culture of customer service, market observation and excellence of execution.