PHOENIX serves as a trusted partner in Mortgage Services, offering invaluable experience and expertise in Servicing Oversight. Our Servicing Oversight QC professionals conduct comprehensive reviews that not only adhere to regulatory and agency production guidelines but also identify areas of risk that could reduce the overall default portfolio, enhance complaint intake processes, and improve agency scorecards. In addition to our loan-level reviews, PHOENIX conducts annual servicer assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, compliance risks, and efficiency gaps. We customize our production to meet your specific needs, enabling you to allocate your time more effectively to internal policy matters.

Performance Management Services

Loan-Level Testing

Monthly and quarterly loan-level audits ensure qualification and adherence to compliance regulations prior to loan closing, covering appraisal validation, occupancy, identification, and red flag reviews. We report deficiencies specific to the loan, product, and Area of Responsibility (AOR) to facilitate accurate loan closing.

Default Management

Our default management involves either loan-level reviews or full portfolio reviews of all stages for past-due loans, encompassing early-default, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and REO. We conduct audits of all default milestones to identify gaps and efficiency concerns, with the aim of improving the default portfolio and reducing servicing costs.

Complaint Management

We conduct a comprehensive and detailed review of complaint management, addressing intake, research, response, and root cause analysis. Our goal is to identify gaps and improvement concerns related to both complaint management and customer service.

Annual Servicer Assistant

In accordance with agency regulations and guidelines, we perform detailed and in-depth annual assessments of each sub-servicer. PHOENIX conducts an in-depth operations review, including interviews with department managers, portfolio metric analysis, and industry benchmarking. This comprehensive assessment highlights strengths and specifies weaknesses to address process gaps, efficiency concerns, and loan-level issues.


Data Preparation

• Clients upload loan-level portfolio data to a secure client portal


• PHOENIX selects loans based on current sampling methodology in accordance in accordance with industry standard

• Sampling methodology is also customizable for each client

Loan-level Review

• In-depth analysis utilizing best in class QC review software to test all areas of compliance and risk

• Exception details are provided to both sub-servicer and client and trending analysis provided on a monthly basis


• Comprehensive executive summaries provided to client based on monthly or quarterly review schedule

• Loan-level reports and exception reports generating maximum insight into portfolio health and outlook

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