Our Story

After a decade in mortgage servicing rights (“MSR”) advisory, UVA collegiate tennis player Brett Schaffer and his co-founders felt that they could do “it” differently and better, and it was time. They melded their competitive, entrepreneurial nature and industry expertise with a foundational commitment to integrity and the pursuit of excellence. The founding principle of being the best (NOT the biggest) remains a guiding force.

Their vision included an awareness of the fundamental connection between external client satisfaction and internal employee performance and recognition. They believed that these practical aims were not mutually exclusive nor lofty, and should lead to sustained differentiation. Their design of a flat, innovative team culture of meritocracy, transparency, performance and consistent results yielded market leadership. In 1997, the PHOENIX family and enterprise was born.

Your Trusted Leaders


Department Managers



Transaction Management

David Caudill

Operations Director, Origination QC

Bryan Council

Senior Vice President, Due Diligence

Robert Drost

Operations Manager, Servicing Oversight

Rhonda Frederick

Vice President, Asset Management

Connie Miller

Senior Vice President, Trade Management

Luke Mueller

Assistant Vice President, Trade Management

Julie Riccatone

Senior Vice President, Trade Management

Ashley Sidell

Operations Manager, Servicing Performance