PHOENIX stands as a trusted partner in Mortgage Services, offering invaluable experience and expertise in Servicing Performance Management. Our dedicated Quality Control professionals conduct comprehensive full file reviews, ensuring adherence to regulatory and agency production guidelines while pinpointing areas of risk that could lead to defaulted and repurchased loans. PHOENIX can customize production to meet all your specific needs, enabling you to allocate your time more effectively to internal policy matters. Our tiered pricing allows you to select your preferred level of service, all while maintaining personal contact with the department director and the reverifications manager.

Performance Management Services

Early Buyout (EBO)

Our full-file reviews meticulously cover all aspects of default servicing from origination to the most recent interaction. We verify compliance with GNMA guidance at the loan level, offering continuous or one-time full-file reviews to ensure adherence to investor and regulatory guidelines, including HUD, USDA, and VA standards.

Loss Analysis

We provide detailed loss analysis of claims in your EBO lines, aiding in the identification of parties at fault.

Performance Triggers

Our performance management team has the ability to re-calculate monthly triggers using raw data provided, including a validation of underlying data. Our team will also analyze the trigger ratios and provide commentary regarding ratios that are at high risk of violating agreed upon thresholds.


Taking a proactive approach, our customized reporting system identifies potential risks and ensures servicing compliance across your portfolio in real-time, effectively managing loan servicers to mitigate loss severity and enhance portfolio value.

  • Shorten foreclosure and bankruptcy timelines
  • Reduce loss severity
  • Improve overall portfolio performance
  • Saves time identifying non-performing loans and assists in making timely decisions


Our team ensures proper loan advancements and reconciles servicing advance reimbursements, conducting re-verification of debenture rates to maintain accuracy



Provide detailed quality evaluation, expansive summary/trend reporting, and overall commentary on the mortgage production for our clients which includes all defect ratings and rebuttal communication as required by GSE’s.


Can accommodate all sampling types including straight random, stratified random, statistical and discretionary sampling.


Each questionnaire is specific to the product and the need of the client, and are constantly reviewed and updated to meet the changing regulations and requirements specific to the industry.

Experience the PHOENIX Difference

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