Trusted Partner

PHOENIX stands as a trusted partner, providing over 26 years of invaluable experience and insights to warehouse lenders in the residential mortgage space. Our whole loan and MSR trading desks contribute valuable data and insights, allowing our analytics to reflect current market conditions and other dynamics crucial for making informed decisions. Our extensive industry relationships, coupled with cutting-edge technology, enable us to deliver unparalleled analytic and advisory services.

Valuable Insights

Counterparty risk assessment

We offer guidance in assessing counterparty risk, creating stress scenarios to illustrate risk exposure under various circumstances. This offers critical insights for determining the collateral to offer financing on, advance rates & terms, and the percentage of lending exposure to allocate for each counterparty in the warehouse portfolio.

Diverse Asset Evaluation

Our unique software capabilities and modeling platform allow us to evaluate a vast range of asset types spanning from residential mortgage loans (agency, jumbo, NQM, RTL, SFR, GNMA EBO, second lien, construction etc.), CRE, personal loans, student loans, and more.

Customized Reporting for Maximum Insight

PHOENIX delivers fully customized reports at both the stratification and loan-levels, providing maximum insight into portfolio characteristics, valuation assumptions, and unique statistics relevant to each portfolio.

Automated Valuation Processes

For those requiring daily valuations, we have the capability to automate the valuation process completely from initial data ingestion to pricing and report delivery.

Data Transfers

  • Clients upload loan-level warehouse data to a secure client portal.
  • The data is automatically ingested into the PHOENIX system, preparing it for analysis.


  • Client data is mapped and decoded per agreed upon specifications.
  • Additional enhancements and conversions are made for thorough analysis.


  • Unique risk elements in the portfolio are considered, generating loan-level assumptions.
  • Loan-level pricing is calculated using tailored methodologies for each product type.


  • Stratification and loan-level reports are generated, providing maximum insight into results daily.
  • Reports are fully customizable, from included fields to individual stratification breakdowns, aligning with client specifications.

Final Report

  • MTM reports are automatically uploaded to the secure client portal after valuation and report creation.
  • PHOENIX personnel are available to address any questions or concerns regarding report delivery or content.

Secure Data Management

Rest assured, our data elements and mechanisms for the transfer and management of sensitive client data are designed to mitigate risk. PHOENIX has maintained SOC 2 compliance for both MSRs and whole loans since 2017. Additionally, we have been SOC 1 compliant for MSRs since 2018, and we continue to uphold these statuses. This allows all parties involved to minimize the level of risk associated with data transfer without compromising data or analytic robustness.

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