PHOENIX excels in valuing a diverse range of collateral types, including agency conforming, S&D, jumbo, NQM, RTL, SFR, second lien, construction, CRE, personal loans, student loans, and more. Our expertise extends to daily valuations, serving numerous large warehouse lenders. From smaller entities seeking annual S&D marks for year-end accounting to Wall Street funds with vast portfolios requiring intricate monthly analytics, our flexible approach caters to all. We pride ourselves on the ability to seamlessly integrate entity-specific assumptions and unique modeling dynamics for a comprehensive valuation experience.

Our Whole Loan Services

Whole Loan Valuation Services

  • Mark-to-market valuations
  • Portfolio risk stratification reporting
  • Cash flow reporting

Whole Loan Acquisition Analysis Services

  • Buyer representation support
  • Market-based scenario analyses
  • Economic-based scenario analysis

Whole Loan Accounting Services

  • Roll forward reporting
  • Audit and regulatory support

Unparalleled Expertise in Valuation and Analytics

We are committed to empowering your organization with innovative, tailored solutions that redefine how you approach valuation. Our seasoned analytics team is dedicated to providing a responsive and accommodating experience for all your inquiries, concerns, or challenges related to pricing methodology, assumptions, reporting output, and every aspect pertinent to the valuation, interpretation, and usage of valuation results.

Diverse Asset Evaluation

PHOENIX’s unique software capabilities and advanced modeling platform enable us to evaluate a wide array of asset types. From traditional residential mortgage loans (agency, jumbo, NQM, RTL, SFR, second lien, construction etc.) to CRE, personal loans, student loans, and beyond, our comprehensive approach ensures a thorough analysis of diverse portfolios.

Tailored Modeling Solutions

We differentiate ourselves by incorporating portfolio and entity-specific assumptions, custom cashflows, and various modeling techniques. This flexibility allows us to adapt to the distinct economics and cash flows associated with unique portfolios and collateral types, alongside other client-specific factors.

Customized Reporting for Deeper Insight

PHOENIX delivers fully customized reporting at both stratification and loan levels, providing maximum insight into portfolio characteristics, valuation assumptions, and other unique statistics relevant to your specific portfolio.

Versatile Applications

Our valuation and analytics capabilities are designed to address a variety of purposes, including auditor requirements, financial reporting, risk management, informed decision-making, and more.

Efficient Daily Valuations

For organizations requiring daily valuations, PHOENIX offers automated processes from initial data ingestion to pricing and report delivery

Industry Relationships & Market-Informed Insights

Benefit from our robust network of long-standing, trusted relationships across the mortgage industry. In addition, our whole loan and MSR trading desks contribute valuable data and insights, allowing our analytics to reflect current market conditions and other dynamics crucial for making informed decisions.


PHOENIX has maintained SOC 2 compliance for both MSRs and whole loans since 2017. Additionally, we have been SOC 1 compliant for MSRs since 2018, and we continue to uphold these statuses. This allows all parties involved to minimize the level of risk associated with data transfer without compromising data or analytic robustness.

Experience the PHOENIX Difference

Our ongoing quest to provide unmatched trading, mortgage services and analytics to the mortgage industry fuels our culture of customer service, market observation and excellence of execution.