Black Knight announced on June 24, 2021 its recent ground-breaking integration with PHOENIX to provide customers with real-time MSR valuation information imbedded within an array of Black Knight products used in secondary marketing, portfolio valuation, refinance retention, and servicing management decisions and actions. This puts MSR valuation data where a customer needs it, when they need it, by integrating it throughout the mortgage asset life cycle.

This is at the vanguard for the future of the mortgage banking industry, as leading service providers and advisors like Black Knight and PHOENIX integrate their expertise with nimble technology use to provide all its related efficiencies for mortgage bankers, servicers, and investors. PHOENIX is the first MSR advisory firm to integrate with Black Knight for these purposes.  PHOENIX continues to deliver seamless technology solutions to provide superior analytic, trading, capital markets and specialized operational support to mortgage bankers, servicers, and investors.

To learn more information, see Black Knight’s press release by clicking the link below