In the past week, interest rates have fallen precipitously and are at levels that we haven’t seen in quite some time. With rates falling the question arises, “What should be your MSR strategy given this environment?”

With over 20 years of company experience and individuals with more than 30 years of advising clients on MSR strategy, PHOENIX can assist you on this topic. Some of the recent questions our clients have posed to us are:


  • We have a bulk portfolio that we need to sell by the end of the year. When should we go to market with this portfolio?

  • We have the cash to increase our retention of MSRs and take advantage of these low-interest rates, but what magnitude of MSRs should we hold versus releasing?

  • Aggregator pricing has fallen. For the product that we are releasing, should we sell to aggregators or through co-issue?

  • How many co-issue relationships should we maintain and what are best practices in doing so?

  • What are the tax implications of our various MSR options?

  • Should we be hedging our servicing portfolio?


In these turbulent times, having an experienced and knowledgeable advisor is more important than ever. We have worked with numerous clients on assisting in providing answers and insight into their MSR questions.

To find the advice you need, please contact your PHOENIX representative or email us at