PHOENIX’s Loan Sale Advisory (LSA) is an ideal solution to help facilitate your upcoming loan sale. PHOENIX will assist in providing portfolio assessment, pre-sale deal preparation, marketing, in-depth transaction support and closing services. By performing detailed data and document analysis upfront, we will bring you more qualified and accurate bids from the market. A PHOENIX LSA provides the highest probability of a successful trade for both buyer and seller.

PHOENIX’s active trade desk ensures visibility to a deep selection of potential buyers while also focusing on specific investors known to target the various asset classes. Additionally, the Whole Loan Team at PHOENIX is experienced as both a buyer and seller. Having both perspectives helps us support our LSA clients with added intelligence that cannot be replicated through advisory services alone.

If you would like to learn more about how PHOENIX can assist you with a Loan Sale Advisory, please contact your PHOENIX representative, or fill out the contact submission form below.