PHOENIX, a trusted partner in Mortgage Services, specializes in real estate asset disposition. Our seasoned Asset Management Team, with extensive industry experience since 1999, brings invaluable operational expertise from investment institutions, servicing organizations, and asset management firms. Focused on timelines, KPIs, and risk mitigation, we manage the asset disposition process meticulously, from assignment to funding. With an extensive broker network, we collaborate closely with industry leaders to deliver unparalleled service. We prioritize aligning our interests with clients’ objectives, tailoring our approach to meet specific needs, allowing more effective allocation of time to internal policy matters.

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Asset Management Services

Full Cradle to Grave Asset Management

From assignment to funding, our team handles the property from occupancy checks to final HUD and wire confirmation. We perform all tasks necessary to efficiently liquidate assets, aiming for the highest net recovery in the shortest amount of time.

Eviction Management

Dedicated eviction specialists oversee the relocation of occupants from the point of assignment until lockout. They collaborate with local agents for cash-for-keys negotiations and lockouts, and with attorneys for proper court proceedings.

Value Reconciliations and Suggested Marketing Strategy

We conduct a full reconciliation of Broker Price Opinion (BPO) and appraisal values. PHOENIX provides a comprehensive market plan, including recommended list and sale prices, as well as identifying prospective buyers and targeting the market for end-users or investors based on strategies for repaired, semi-repaired, or as-is properties.

Contract Negotiation /  Closing Management

Negotiating contracts for the highest possible net recovery. Upon successful contract execution, ordering updated title and closing services. Continuously monitoring and managing the file through closing.

KPI and Timeline Management

Comprehensive reporting for each client includes KPIs, performance trends, timeline management aligned with scorecard performance, all customized to meet each client’s specific needs and investor requirements.



We offer detailed quality evaluations, expansive summary/trend reporting, and comprehensive commentary on asset liquidation, covering all KPIs, timelines, and scorecard metrics to meet each client’s needs.

Target Marketing

  • Identifying Target Buyers
  • Evaluating market buyer concentration
  • Establishing target buyer types (cash buyers, owner-occupied, SFR)

Routine Meetings

Communication is key in our industry. We schedule routine meetings to touch base with our clients regarding any changes to their processes. Quarterly scorecard meetings ensure that we are exceeding expectations.

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