Brett Schaffer

CEO & Founder

Brett Schaffer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PHOENIX. With over 30 years of experience in mortgage banking, Brett has specialized in mortgage servicing rights (MSR) brokerage, advisory, and valuation for more than 25 years. He has directly managed or overseen thousands of bulk and flow servicing transactions, reflecting trillions of dollars in principal balances. Brett actively leads the PHOENIX team, positioning it as the industry-leading advisory firm in MSR & Whole Loan brokerage and transaction management, along with MSR & Whole Loan analytics, mortgage servicing oversight, quality control, loan due diligence, and default asset management.

Brett guides the PHOENIX team in tailoring client solutions by assembling and leading them to provide unparalleled specialized knowledge, robust deal-making solutions, exceptional accuracy and integrity in valuation deliveries, and strong and insightful default servicing support and diligence reviews – all while ensuring impeccable customer service and responsiveness.

Brett embodies the PHOENIX philosophy of always prioritizing clients’ objectives first, emphasizing a level-headed approach to negotiating transactions, dealing practically with market realities, and ensuring operational expertise.

Before founding PHOENIX, Brett spent four years with United Financial, Inc. and five years with John S. Hopkins, Inc., both servicing advisory and valuation firms. He began his career in secondary marketing with Prudential Home Mortgage Company in 1985 after graduating from the University of Virginia.