John Burnett

President, Mortgage Services

John Burnett, President of Mortgage Services, is directly responsible for the evolution and execution of PHOENIX’s servicing oversight, due diligence, quality control, verification agent, REO asset management, and real estate services business lines. John has 25 years of experience in mortgage banking, servicing, and real estate. He began his career as a real estate appraiser before transitioning to the mortgage servicing business with Associates Housing Finance in 1995.

During his tenure, John has managed loan-level decisions in servicing from loan boarding through REO disposition. He has overseen the servicing management of hundreds of thousands of loans and real estate transactions. In his servicing leadership roles, John has collaborated closely with Wall Street investment firms, Global Financial Institutions, Securitization Trustees, and GSEs to execute loan retention and liquidation strategies.

Throughout his career, John has prioritized providing clients with asset-level solutions and portfolio performance rather than task management metrics. Prior to joining PHOENIX in 2013, John held executive and senior leadership positions with Integrated Asset Services, Statebridge, IBM/Seterus, and Wilshire Credit Corporation/Merrill Lynch.

While ascending through the ranks of multiple servicing firms, John managed every aspect of the servicing operation. His direct experience in loan-level decision-making, as well as portfolio performance management, provides him with a unique perspective regarding regulatory compliance, servicer performance, and industry best practices.